Reflections of 2014


2014 seemed to pass in a heartbeat.  it was a year of growth, dreams and the beginning of a transformation in my career.  It was the year that i announced to the world that i was a photographer and that i planned to make this dream a reality.  i was blessed with many opportunities to practice my craft, from shooting alongside amazing photographer friends who graciously allowed me to second shoot with them all over south florida to life-changing workshops with some of the most creative minds in the business.  Along the way I captured memories for dear friends and felt that bliss when you know you've stolen a moment of beauty in time.  It's an art, it's a rush and it sure isn't easy but i feel it in my heart and I know that 2015 will be even better.

I'd like to thank Elaine Palladino, Lara Rios, and Erika Delgado for allowing me to shoot and learn with them.  I'd also like to acknowledge the Erich Mcvey workshop, an incredible learning experience that i would highly recommend to any photographer looking to grow.  And last, but not least, Julie Paisley hosted a lovely workshop last January and it helped jumpstart my photography business so much, I am grateful for her open and caring heart.